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Bangalore Chiropractic Testimonials

Glen P., November 2018
Everything about my first visit to the clinic was great. However it is still early for me to comment on the effectiveness of the treatment but Dr Chadd was great and he has given me the confidence that he can rid me of the back/neck pain that I have.

Michel B., September, 2018
Thank you. Chiropractic was new to me as I had never experienced back pain or anything before , I was concerned if I was making a fuss about nothing and if I would be asked to go to a regular doctor first. At the same time, I was also worried it was a huge scary issue. Walking me through the process helped me to feel none of the concerns I had walking in and more importantly knowingly or unknowingly I was told just the right words to put my mind at rest “I can help”. I can’t express how much those words meant to me at that point.

Aneet J., July 2018
Dr. Chad was very articulate and simple in his explanation of my back and neck issues. I look forward to the promise of going beyond relieving the symptoms to helping me prevent recurrent issues in the future.

Daniel S., June 2015
It was just great… I started to feel flexible after my first visit and will go back. I recommend this place to everyone, even for just a general check up.

Sarath K., March 2015
Dr. Julie had been right to the point and very exceptional in understanding my problem and quick in executing what could be the best and the simplest solution for my problem. The first day experience at the clinic had been really good and I hope it erases my problems and worries completely.

Abhishek S., March 2015
I’m so happy with the kind of services provided by you guys that I would request you all to extend your superb services to other states of India as well. Dr. Julie is simply awesome. She is really a very hard working Chiropractor and she puts all her effort to cure the injuries. What I liked most about her is she is not a money minded doctor. She devotes her decent amount of time on every patient and not in a hurry to jump from one patient to another. A must visit clinic.

Usha R., February 2015
This was the first time in life I visited a chiropractic clinic. The burden of pain I was carrying for 40 years, Dr. Julie corrected in 40 minutes, though I am told that I will further require to visit a couple of times. God bless Dr. Julie and her family. Keep up the good work. It wouldn’t be too much to say that her adjustments made me feel as if it was the hand of God working on me!

Amanda M., February 2015
I am so very thankful for your excellent service. I’m excited to have an excellent and professional chiropractor here in Bangalore to continue my treatment. Thank you!

Prema S., December 2014
So fortunate to have found you! We have just begun the treatment but know for sure I am going to recover fully. I don’t have any doubts whatsoever. I have benefited from chiropractic in the past and a huge fan of it. And what made this experience so very satisfying was the courtesy and politeness of the staff. Wish more people in this country would be like you! Many thanks and best wishes.

Kamalini N., November 2014
I enjoyed this first experience very much and have felt a lot better since. My lower back soreness is far less and I wish to return to the clinic as well as recommend to others with similar ailments. The practitioner was extremely pleasant and a very good listener.

Balaji S., July 2014
I’m Balaji working in Philippines for last 5 years. I was diagnosed with Hiatus Hernia. I visited Bangalore Chiropractic Clinic on 3rd July, 2014. Dr. Kris is an excellent observer and focused during practice. Also he is a nice person unlike most of the doctors I’ve met. I’m seeing some improvement after 3 visits. I would recommended the clinic for anyone who understands chiropractic.

Mohammed S., May 2014
Its hard to find chiropractors in India so its a big deal that Bangalore Chiropractic is providing chiropractors. I really appreciate the doctors as well as they are coming from far away country and giving their precious time and support to people here who are in need of chiropractic treatment. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.


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