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Bangalore Chiropractic Testimonials:

Natasha Gopinath, June 2013
It appears to have finally been the solution to a continuous period of nagging pain. I feel a positive energy and outlook to full recovery. I would encourage my friends and family to go for it. The doctors here are very approachable and help you understand your body better. Lead you to a path of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

Jennifer T, June 2013
The treatment has definitely improved my pain. The hospitality and warmth at your practice has pleased me the most during the entire course of treatment.

Narayanan Gopinath, June 2013
Chiropractic was the right treatment I received during my scapnoid fracture. The orthopedic doctor whom I consulted demanded a surgery for this fracture. But when I met the Dr. Julie at the Bangalore Chiropractic Clinic, my left hand improved by the diagnosis and their recommended exercises. After my experience here I would definitely recommend other people to have the first opinion with a Chiropractic doctor. The reason being that the chiropractors only after thorough diagnosis for fracture suggest if any surgery is needed. The treatment of the Chiropractor on the nervous system was good and the doctor after thorough diagnosis helped me avoid any surgery or cast. I’m really helped by chiropractic treatment and I would consult the doctor here first before moving to any hospital in the future.

Raja Natesan, June 2013
Having a painful back can cause such a lot of things. Chiropractic care has given me the ability to be normal completely. This is an easy, non invasive and very effective treatment for the back. I was most pleased with Ambience, staff, quality of treatment.

Varkey K.V., June 2013
My posture has improved drastically. Old stress and emotions have cleaned up fantastically. I would say keep an open mind and try this treatment out. And have some patience! At this clinic I found them very professional and caring doctors and well informed staff and administration. May this service help many to find healing and peace in their life!

Anjugam K (written by K. Lakshmi), June 2013
Reduced pain and gives a feeling of well being. Would recommend my family and friends to meet the Chiropractor for medicine free treatment. Doctor’s explanation of the cause of problem and what is done to the patient to cure the ailment gives a clear picture of what is being done to the patient. I appreciate the Doctor’s patience in listening to the patient’s complaints.  Mr. Jude’s explaination about chiropractic treatment gives the awareness of how good the treatment would be. Rhoda’s company and ever helping nature is extremely good.

Rajat Patra, June 2013
Chiropractic has improved the pain in my hip and improved my range of motion. The Doctor is very knowledgeable and experienced. I would like to thank you for bringing Chiropractic care to a country which really needs it.

Rakesh Menon, June 2013
Chiropractic has helped me a lot to deal with my middle back and wrist pain. I could feel the difference right after the 1st session. I’m happy I took the session and life is painless. I’ve already recommended my colleagues and friends about the treatment and they have seen me going through the pain. I was impressed with the Doctor talking to me, helping me to understand how and what went wrong and fix it.  Never had that experience before.

Santham Lily Per A., June 2013
Chiropractic care has made me to do my day today housework without any tension. It has also helped me to reduce the medication for BP and Diabetes. The system of working and the method of treatment was both simple and specially made affordable. It is a recommended treatment for slip disc.

Ismail Ibrahim, June 2013
Definitely yes, Chiropractic has improved my life. I used to struggle with stomach indigestion, acidity, excess sweat and hemorrhoids. Now, with Chiropractic treatment, things are definitely positive. Personalized attention and importance given to natural healing methods are impressive in this clinic. Special thanks to Dr. Julie.

Valerie Cumine, June 2013
When I first came in, I could not look up because of severe pain in my neck. The periodic therapy has done away with this and the pain has subsided considerably. I also do find I have a lot more energy to carry out my day to day activities. Nowadays I do explain to my friends about the importance of the spine to be properly aligned for functioning of all the necessary functions pertaining mostly to nerve messages plying back and forth to avoid or eliminate problems. The very smiling faces, care at this clinic is impressive. The interest shown personally to bring about changes of pain relief is also impressive. Appreciation for the good work being carried out.

Serine P., June 2013
Since this is natural, free of side effects, I’m happy to take this. Week’s therapy has reduced pain. Its completely natural and Dr. Julie’s experience to find things is good. Happy with the treatment in this clinic.

Ranjith Kumar – April, 2013
I was not able to sit even for 5 minutes. After the chiropractic care, 80% of the pain is gone. Probably, it will improve over time. I have included my other family members too for chiropractic care. I have recommended other friends too. The Doctor is not in a hurry and is very good.

Divya H. – April, 2013
I had a very bad back and neck pain, after taking chiropractic the pain what I had was gone. It really helped me. Very good treatment for bone and spinal problems.

Bhavneet Kaur – April, 2013
I am suffering from a disc bulge and was bed ridden for 2 weeks. With just 3 visits, I was able to sit and do their activites. Chiropractic care has given me pain relief and better sleep. Everything including the immense support, love and care given by Dr. Charles pleased me most about taking treatment at your practice.

Tessy Jose – April, 2013
Chiropractic care has improved my back pain related issues significantly. Feel much better since I started treatment under Dr. Charles. The entire process was peaceful and different from regular complex procedures in hospitals. I came to the clinic with hundreds of questions which is expected from a person who is new to this. However now I can give better introduction for chiropractic. Results without hospital tests and a bunch of pills was a good experience. Nobody offered any magical wand to solve the issues immediately. The causes were well explained. It proved that this practice has more to offer for a better living. The ambience for clinic and doctor’s room was peaceful. Expect the same service going forward even if hundreds move in for this practice. Crowded atmosphere make patients sicker.

Charlotte Taylor – April, 2013
Improved all areas of my life, I feel energized, fresh and full of life. Getting up in the morning without any aches and pains is indeed a pleasure. To my friends and family who are curious about Chiropractic I would tell them to try it definitely. Tell them that getting chiropractic care touches and heals all areas of their physically being. Dr. Charles Jangdhari has been an excellent caretaker and his hands have really healed my back.

Oswald Smith – April, 2013
My son suffered from asthma, allergies and couldn’t eat everything. But after the treatment, he’s completely cured. Totally stopped spending on medicines for asthma. All my family members have taken this treatment and Chiropractic has improved our life by making us free from allergy, makes us feel fresh, no side effects and cure is seen with improved stamina.

Eleena Mathew – April, 2013
Chiropractic has definitely improved my headache, neck pain and over all mobility. To those curious about Chiropractic I would say that they should try it out and see how they feel about it. It would depend on what their problem areas are. I Would definitely recommend chiropractic care for specific problems.

Marcia Michael – April, 2013
With Chiropractic care am more mobile, walking easier and more erect. At your practice I was most pleased with the concern of efficient Doctor, courtesy, cleanliness.

Kalpana S – April, 2013
Chiropractic treatment has changed my life for good. Its more of a feeling of an over all well being of health. Treatment without intake of medication is a boon. At your practice I was most pleased with the patience and care with positive attitude. Dr. Charles is a wonderful person who has changed my outlook over all.

Radhika Kapur – April, 2013
Chiropractic treatment is definitely worth trying. Ensure that he/she is a good chiropractor. Dr. Charles is very good! Well trained and with a lot of experience. I would continue to go to him.

Jayanthi U. – April, 2013
With Chiropractic treatment the intensity and frequency of headaches been reduced and I’m still hoping to be more better.

Sandra Hennip – April, 2013Chiropractic has reduced lower back pain and constant headache. Its amazing the difference it makes in over all health. The Doctor explains everything and I really saw improvement from the first visit.

Bipin Bhadran – April, 2013
Yet to notice any major signs of improvement in life. I was most pleased with the Professionalism at your practice.

Vinod Krishnan – April, 2013
Chiropractic care incredibly made my life less stressful. I am not bogged down with frequent headaches and back pains allowing me to do things with family and kids that I wasn’t able to do earlier. To my curious friends and family I would recommend that they should definitely visit at least once to understand how it could help them. I don’t miss an opportunity to talk about how it has helped me. At your practice I was most pleased with the smiling face greeting at the entrance of the reception and of course the overall warmth here. At times I feel I wanted more time spent by the Doctor, but given they know what needs to be done best and how much time to be spent with the patient.

Jennifer Anderson – April, 2013
I have scoliosis and I used to have chronic pain or strain in my back. Chiropractic care has helped me with my posture relieving much of that pain. I would say That Chiropractic care is whole body care. We don’t realise how much we can cure other problems, other than back pain, with this type of care. Other than the relief of pain, the gentleness of the Doctor’s care all though gentle, it is effective.

Rajeev Mehtani – April, 2013
With Chiropractic my pain has gone down. I was most pleased with the doctor and staff.

T Anil Devadanam – April, 2013
My spine was affected in a car crash and got misaligned. The length of my spine got shorter than when before the accident. This resulted in constant aches along the shoulders and down the legs. Since the treatment began I have seen an increase of two inches in height apart from the relief from the pain in shoulder and legs. It’s a wonderful way back to a healthy you. It involves no prodding or pricking or injections. It is both specific to your needs and a great way to keep general health and needs to be had on a regular basis. Some issues saw immediate responses. General health improved. Natural herbal medicines worked to a good extent with no noticeable side effects. Ambience and general treatment or behaviour of staff towards patients is commendable.

Shital S. Verma – April, 2013
With Chiropractic treatment I have been given a very significant change in my life. My body is responding to it very naturallly and the spine is getting aligned to its natural position. To my friends and family who are curious about Chiropractic I will definitely ask them to take this treatment as a test or trial just to verify that how effective is this treatment even though they say that they are healthy. In general, people should take this treatment as general maintenance to their body, so that they get connected to the body and live happy and have their health for a long time. I was most pleased with the awareness and preventive actions. Connected with the body more with greater understanding.

Muneem Atther – April, 2013
This non invasive treatment has really helped me in attaining a good level of stability. My confidence level has improved and some of the nagging pain has been considerable reduced. To my friends and family, I would certainly recommend it to him or her at the same time will warn them not to expect a quick fix result. I was most pleased with the personal attention of the Doctor and the encouragement and advise on health care. The courtesy and warmth of the staff and the other people running the registration.

Lene Simonsen – April, 2013
Chiropractic treatment has released tension in neck, eased head aches and gave more flexibility in my lower back. To my curious friends and family I would say, “Do it! It cannot harm you. Many problems can come from the spine even though it doesn’t feel like it.” I was most pleased with the releasing the pain plus the friendly and professional atmosphere at your practice.

R Bincy – April, 2013
Chiropractic has increased my stamina and reduced mood swings as headaches and sore shoulders became less frequent. I would Recommend it to my friends and family until they opt for it. It would surely help and no harm can be expected. Most pleased with the comfortable environment and the courtesy of the Doctor at your clinic.

Jason Mathew – April, 2013
With Chiropractic I had Partial relief from specific body pain. Diagnosis, explanation of the problem is clear. Clinic is set up well.

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