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Miracle Cases at Bangalore Chiropractic

In just 18-months at Bangalore chiropractic, I witnesses more health miracles than 18-years practicing in Australia. – Dr. Sonya

Here’s a sample of some of the miracle cases witnessed by the doctors who have served at the clinic. Divider

Dr Leisa Tassell with Jaya at Bangalore Chiropractic

Dr Leisa Tassell with Jaya and his relative who referred him to the clinic.

Case 1: Paralyses in Ankles

Jaya Devappa is a 63 year old male patient who travelled from a village about 90km away.

He came with severe lower back and hip pain and a total lack of mobility in both ankles and all toes.

He found sleeping a real struggle and was living on painkillers.

Jaya showed tremendous improvement with Chiropractic care and is now walking unaided with full mobility in his ankles and toes. The back and hip pain have eased and he is sleeping well. Divider

Sujata Dadi health is returning after 10 years of debilitating pain.

Sujata Dadi health is returning after 10 years of debilitating pain.

Case 2: First Sleep in 10 Years

Sujata Dadi is a 38 year old female patient who travelled from the city of Calcutta, a 1880 km journey.

After just two adjustments her spondyloarthopathy of 10 years eased and that night she slept 8 hours after years of not being able to sleep well because of the intensity of the pain. Divider

Case 3: The Child Will Walk

The child presented with serious physical development problems (possibly due to birth trauma). Aged 15-months, she couldn’t crawl or support her own weight.

The local hospital told her economically-challenged parents that she’d be a cripple and in a wheelchair all her life.

After just 5 adjustments, she’s crawling and can support her own weight when standing.

Hope has returned with prayer and the God-enabled power of chiropractic. divider

Case 4: Seizure Free

22 year old male (John).  His mother took a cocktail of medications while pregnant to try to self-abort. It failed and consequently, he’s suffered ‘non-generalized seizures’ since 13 months of age. His mother stated that he currently suffers 4 – 5 seizures a day. He also had significant eyeball protrusion (similar to what is seen with Graves Disease but he tested negative on thyroid blood tests). He is on very strong anti-convulsant medication.  Prior to first adjustment he had a seizure in the clinic.  Since that adjustment he has only had one seizure (it has been 3 weeks).  So he has gone from 4 – 5 seizures a day to one in three weeks.  And his eyeballs have receded… this took 3 adjustments. divider

Case 5: Stairs?  No Problems.

62 year old male (George). He has muscular dystrophy. Before treatment, he was in constant pain and had severe stiffness in both ankles. After 3 visits he reports no pain and he can walk up stairs with ease. divider

Case 6: Quality of Life Without Pain

77 year old female (Daksanavathy).  She’s experienced chronic lower back pain and left leg pain for 2 years.  X-rays show advanced osteoarthritis. And she was diagnosed with Osteoporosis 2 years ago, has three blood clots in her brain, high blood pressure and diabetes. Three adjustments and all back and leg pain gone. divider

Case 7: One Visit and She’s Drug Free

33 year old female (Olive).  She’s experienced right cervical and arm pain for 8 years.  She’d seen an orthopedic specialist who prescribed muscle relaxants and pain medication.  One adjustment… all pain is gone!


Case 8: Bladder Control… Life Changing

15 year old female (Ranjitha). An orphan with very little bladder control day and night.  Three adjustments and she has full bladder control. Needless to say, the orphanage staff are thrilled and have invited Dr. Sonya to come see 16 other girls with same problem. divider

Case 9: Daily Headaches for 15 Years… Gone!

15 year old female (Sukanya).  She suffered daily headaches and nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) all of her life.  One adjustments… no headaches or bedwetting (it’s been one month). divider

Case 10: Full Motion Returns

40 year old male (Umapathi). At 15 years of age he suffered a cyst on the occiput bone and had his head flexed for 12 months before he received treatment.  Since then he has had significant reduction in cervical ranges of motion and pain in his right shoulder.  After 8 adjustments, he has full cervical range of motion and significant improvement in shoulder pain. divider

Case 11: Stroke Victim “Talks”

47 year old male (Vijayan). He suffered a stroke 10 months ago and has not been able to speak since. On his second appointments, Dr. Sonya inadvertently asked how he was feeling and to everyone’s surprise he answered, “fine thank you” (in Tamil not English).  This man also has a compound fracture at the L2 – L3 level with fusion and stage three osteoarthritis.  Three adjustments and he no longer has any back pain. divider

Case 12: Hit By A Bus (Really)

28 year old male (Vikas). He was hit by a bus in 2006 and has had back pain ever since. An MRI showed mild disc bulge at L4 and annular fissures at same level. 2 adjustments and he’s completely pain free. Divider

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